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These 5 Crafty Ideas Can Make You Extra Money from Home

If you have been looking for ways to make money and are skilled in a certain craft, you are in luck because you can now do so from home. It does not matter the kind of craft you are skilled in, there is always a buyer interested in what you are selling.

There are a number of online sites that have been specially designed to help sellers of craft items get clients that are willing to buy at any price. However, the merchandise must be very unique and also practical for the person purchasing them. If you have never considered displaying your items on an online platform for sale, then you need to check out these sites to give you an idea of where to start.

These 5 Crafty Ideas Can Make You Extra Money from Home

Cafe press

Cafe press is a good income source when looking to make extra money from home, because the site has been designed to help sellers make the most from their platform. The site allows designers to sell their artwork to their online audience, which they can use on different types of merchandise such as posters, t-shirts, mugs and hoodies among others. Selling of the designs can be done on the site’s marketplace or you can decide to set up a shop on the site to strictly sell your designs.

Since many established companies have set up shop on Cafe press, you are sure that selling your designs on the site will fetch you some good money. The site does not require any upfront payment from their sellers, thus allowing you to comfortably design t-shirts and place them in your shop for display where they can be bought by interested buyers.  Also, if you are unsure of a design that you have used on a particular t-shirt that you would want to sell, you can have experts that are part of Cafe press , edit it and make it attractive thereby increasing your chances of making money.


Selling handmade items is the main focus of the widely known site, Etsy. It has been in existence for many years and is trusted by many buyers that are looking for unique items to purchase. Therefore, it is a good place to put up your crafts for sale and watch them get bought and in turn earn you extra cash. To make good money on Etsy, you will have to understand how it works and the best way to get your items in front of the right audience. The best way to do this is by putting up your listing in the most attractive way possible.

Some of the simple ways to ensure that your handmade items are attractive is by taking high quality photos that will be uploaded on the site. Also, get to know the best price to attach to the items that should be favorable to the client and profitable to you. You can do this by going perusing through the display of successful stores on the site for pointers. Most times, items that are well made and presented in an attractive manner will get you clients over and over gain on the Etsy site.

Skilled Up

Skilled Up offers courses on its online platform to individuals and companies that are looking to be trained in certain skills. These skills are usually taught through a number of courses made available through the site which they pick up from other well known sites that are often used by instructors to upload their course work. Therefore, if you have a certain skill that you can offer through the site, you can make money when it is picked up by interested online users.

Some of skills that are in demand on the site include:

  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Writing
  • and many more!

On the site, courses have a variety of prices attached to them depending on the content and the amount that a seller wants it sold for on Skilled Up. Since, this particular platform offers content on their site at no fee, all you have to do is to ensure that the course work you put up on different online sites meets their standard so that they can pick it up. Also, aim to offer courses that are regarded as popular on the site to enable you make more money that you can use to meet your needs.


Spreadshirt is a popular merchandising company that allows online users to set up shop on their platform and sell customized t-shirts. If you are talented in coming up with unique designs for t-shirts, this site is a good place to sell them and make extra money. The site has done all the ground work for you in terms of providing a wide range of colors, styles and designs that you can choose from when designing a t-shirt. Even so, you are not restricted to using the resources provided for by the site and can come up with your own designs to use on the shirts.

The setting up of a shop on the site has also been made very easy for online users, with only basic information needed to have it up and running.  There are no costs attached to having a shop on Spreadshirt which makes it easy to make money on it after putting up designed t-shirts for those that visit the site. The website also allows you to decide on the number of t-shirts you will design, the actual designs and even the prices attached to them. As soon as someone orders a t-shirt from your shop, you get paid.

Teach A Crafting Class

Learning a new craft is often very exciting especially if you love working with your hands. It is no wonder many people are willing to pay to learn a skill that they can use as part of their work or just as a hobby. If you are skilled in a unique craft that was taught to you by a parent or grandparent you can try setting up a class and teaching it to others at a fee. At first, you can ask friends or family members that may be interested to meet at your home for a few hours to learn the craft and then open it to others to increase your revenue stream.

Some of the popular craft ideas that many are interested in learning because of their popularity on various sites include jewelry design, decoration of dishware, simple painting, toy making and crocheting among others. Most people are willing to pay to learn such crafts so that they can do them as a hobby or even make money from them as well.

Final Thoughts

Although these sites are a good place to sell your craft and make extra money, it is important to note that earning good money from them takes time. You might need to engage in a bit of marketing, even through social media to get people to make purchases on a continuous basis. The same goes for the craft making class, which will require that you keep it interesting and fun for your students so that they keep coming back for more.

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